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Ames High School

Dr Julious Lawson

Welcome Back To An Amazing New School Year!

I hope this message finds your household brimming with excitement because the time has finally arrived to welcome you back to school for another amazing year of learning, growth, and discovery! As your Superintendent, it brings me immense joy to extend my warmest greetings to each and every one of you. The presence of students in our buildings enriches our school, and we are thrilled to embark on another year full of educational journeys. 

First and foremost, let me express my heartfelt appreciation to our exceptional teachers, staff, parents, and guardians for their unwavering support and dedication, ensuring that we create a safe and nurturing environment for education. We form an incredible team, committed to fostering an atmosphere where every student can thrive, excel, and achieve their fullest potential. Together, we are moving Ames. Forward. Together.

The beginning of a new school year always marks a fresh start—a chance to set new goals, forge new friendships, and embrace new challenges. As we embark on this journey together, let us remember that our school is not just a building; it is a vibrant community, a place where ideas flourish, and dreams take flight.

Throughout the coming year, we have an exciting array of activities, projects, and programs lined up to enrich the academic experience. Our classrooms will be buzzing with curiosity, creativity, and intellectual engagement. As parents and guardians, you will also experience the beginning stages of implementing our newly completed Strategic Plan. It’s an exciting time to be a Little Cyclone! 

Furthermore, our commitment to your student’s well-being remains unwavering. We will continue to prioritize physical and emotional safety, ensuring that students learn in an inclusive, caring, and respectful environment. Never hesitate to reach out to a teacher, counselor, or any staff member for assistance or guidance. Ames is me…and it is every one of us! Let us remember that education is not solely about books and exams; it is about instilling values, promoting empathy, and fostering a lifelong love of learning. 

Tomorrow, on August 23, we welcome back EK through 5th grade students. It is an orientation day for all 6th graders and new 7th/8th grade students to the District. At Ames High, we will welcome back all 9th graders for orientation. Then, on August 24, all students in grades EK through 12th arrive at our schools for a full day of learning. We can’t wait!

Together, let us create an extraordinary academic year, one filled with growth, laughter, and unforgettable memories. I am excited to witness the accomplishments and successes as we embark on this incredible adventure of learning.

Welcome back to an amazing new school year!

With Little Cyclone enthusiasm,

Dr. Julious T. Lawson

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