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Meeker Elementary

Lisa Clayberg

New Meeker Principal Named

The Ames Community School District is excited to announce Lisa Clayberg as the new principal of Meeker Elementary School. Clayberg is currently the Director of Teaching and Learning at Dallas Center Grimes Community School District, a position she has held since 2019. 

As a Director of Teaching and Learning, Clayberg has a strong skill set for building both instructional and leadership capacity in others as well as a variety of coaching models. She currently leads all professional development across her district for their professional learning community (PLC) leaders, first and second year teachers, mentors, instructional coaches and curriculum facilitators as well as our English language arts teachers. These efforts have a dual focus of quality instruction that is committed to positive student outcomes and tied to building the capacity of all staff to maximize their efficacy in their different roles.

In her cover letter to the District, Clayberg said educational equity is an important focus. “To me, educational equity means that every student gets what they need to achieve success,” wrote Clayberg. “Public schools cannot provide everything an individual needs, but with an educational equity lens, we are able to assess where opportunity gaps exist and problem solve with a variety of individuals to find potential solutions and ensure that every student matters and every moment with them counts. Realizing this goal requires that a variety of people, including those with different viewpoints, exercise compassion and come together to collaborate and learn.”

Clayberg received her Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from the University of Northern Iowa, a Master of Arts in Education from Viterbo University, and a Masters in Educational Administration from Iowa State University. Prior to her work as Director of Teaching and Learning, Clayberg was a Teacher Leader Coordinator and Instructional Coach for the Ames Community School District. 

Clayberg’s contract will begin on July 1, 2023. As a District, we are excited to welcome Clayberg back to the Ames CSD, and look forward to her leadership at Meeker Elementary School.  

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