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Sherri Ruzek

School Business Official District Office


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The Ames Community School District is excited to announce Sherri Ruzek as the next School Business Official. Ruzek is currently the Business Manager at Colo-Nesco Community School District and Collins-Maxwell Community School District, positions she has held since 2022.

In her current role, Ruzek is responsible for the daily business operations of both school districts. She has extensive experience in accounting procedures, recommended tax levies, purchasing procedures, payroll, annual audits, and more. Prior to her current role, Ruzek previously held business manager positions for Shenandoah, South Page, and Essex Community School Districts.

In her cover letter, Ruzek notes her outstanding record in business management. While in Shenandoah, she increased the unspent authorized budget by double, which is the difference between the district’s legal budget authority and actual expenditures in the General Fund for the fiscal year. “Student learning and achievement were the primary focus,” adds Ruzek.

Ruzek holds a Bachelor of Arts in Finance and Banking from Buena Vista University.