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On Their Own & OK: A Kids Guide To Staying Home Alone

Tuesday, July 30


10:30 am - 4:30 pm


Bertha Bartlett Public Library, 503 Broad St., Story City, IA 50248

Which age/grade is welcome?

Youth 4th-6th grade


Mary Wilkins
(515) 337-1601

About this event

On Their Own & OK: builds skills in youth 4th-6th grade, and incorporates ways for adults in the home to support this step towards independence. Youth can develop their self-care skills to make good decisions while staying home alone. With adequate educations from parents/caregivers, teachers, and community partners, young people can develop confidence in the skills they need for staying home alone safely. On Their Own and OK reinforces how to act in an emergency, helps young people handle boredom without technology, age-appropriate chores, and includes plans for a family celebration to continue to strengthen family relationships.