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Iowa State University High School Programming Competition

Saturday, April 27


All Day


Iowa State University

Which age/grade is welcome?

High School Students


Kate Sharma
(515) 264-6912

About this event

This contest will provide an excellent opportunity for students across Iowa to showcase their talents and to compete at a high level. Each high school team has up to three students and shares one computer.

Teams compete to solve ten or more problems of varying difficulty in four hours, with the winning team solving the most problems in the least amount of time. This contest is modeled after the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) and will be held at multiple sites, including Iowa State University. We will provide practice materials for teams.

At least one team from each school will be accepted, assuming there is space. Additional teams will be provisionally accepted and receive final confirmation after the contest registration deadline. Besides each team member competing, each team must have an adult register and accompany them to the event.

We intend for this contest to be part of a larger contest across the North Central North America region of the ICPC (i.e. across several states such as Nebraska, Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, etc.).