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Critical Thinking Development through RAP Internships

Monday, May 15 - Thursday, August 17


All Day


Mostly at the Ames Library, but sometimes virtual.

Which age/grade is welcome?

Ages of 14 - 24 who are not accustomed to typical education environments, or are generally underrepresented, underprivileged, or suffer disabilities.


Youssef Eweis (Mr. E)
(515) 993-0835

About this event

This internship is dependent on the reception of the Future Ready Iowa Grant, and the start and end dates may be shifted back!

This grant prioritizes internships to the following youths:
a. Those at risk of not graduating.
b. Those from low-income households.
c. Those who are from communities underrepresented in the Iowa workforce.
d. Those who otherwise face barriers to success and upward mobility in the labor market.

The internship will also provide an opportunity to earn a critical thinking certification by RAP.
It will span a total of 12 non-consecutive weeks of 3-4 days each.

The internship will be split into two parts:
-> General learning to enhance your critical thinking.
-> A specific project catered to the following focuses listed in the attached flyer.

-> Business Manager -> Accountant -> Data Wrangler -> Web Designer -> Robot Designer
-> Game Graphics Designer -> Simulator -> Theorist -> Aviation Specialist -> Star Navigator
-> Cyber Soldier.