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Blast Dance Workshop

Wednesday, December 27


8:15 am - 5:00 pm


Robert Thomas Dancenter 319 S 17th St & 134 Dotson Dr

Which age/grade is welcome?

Dancer of all ages are welcome to attend.


Angela Carl
(515) 357-7140

About this event

This one-day workshop may include ballet, jazz, contemporary, musical theater, creative movement, and/or hip-hop classes. It is open to all interested dancers ages 7 and up regardless of dance experience. (Younger dancers, 4-7, are invited to check out our half-day Mini-Blast event on the registration page) Due to space constraints, the number of dancers who may register is limited, so register early to reserve your spot. Online registration will be open until 8 pm on Monday, December 26th.

Proceeds from the workshop will benefit the inaugural Illuminate dance concert taking place on Feb 10th, 2024 at the Ames City Auditorium. Illuminate will include professional choreography, as well as performances by current Dancenter Dancer members and aspiring dancers throughout the Ames community. We will hold a series of outreach classes for K-5 students. These community workshop classes will be designed to foster teamwork, creativity, and joy of accomplishment through dance. They will conclude with a performance at the concert. The goal is to educate and enrich the public. Art has the power to amplify our voices and build community.

Blast is open to all dancers ages 7 and up. (younger dancers ages 4-7 please check out our half day Mini-Blast event on the registration page)
Doors will open for check in/registration at 8:15am.
The Welcome Rally starts at 8:30am followed by a full day of dancing until 5pm.
All families and guardians are invited to the Dancer Showcase 4-5pm.

Dancers will need to bring their own water/lunch/snacks. Bottled water will be available for $1.

Cost: $65, sibling discounts available. See registration page for more details.

Blast t-shirts will be available to purchase for $25 online or at the door while supplies last.