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Ames Youth Baseball Rec League Registration

Monday, January 22 - Wednesday, April 3


All Day



Which age/grade is welcome?

parents and students of 3 years old to 6th grade


Annie Kelelr
(515) 450-2196

About this event

Everyone deserves a chance to play baseball and experience the thrill of competition.
Everyone makes a team and gets ample playing time, making it a fun experience for all ability levels.

We have divisions for 3 years old through 6th grade!
Registration is open now, with early bird special running through February 4th.

Season Highlights:
Pre Season: April 3 – April 29 (practices only) (no teeball or blastball)
Regular Season: May 1 – June 17
Post Season: June 19 – June 30 (Minors and Majors only)

Reach out to the board with questions, help with costs, etc!