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January 28, 2024

Important Announcement From School Board President, Kelly Winfrey

It is with a mix of emotions that we share the news of Superintendent Dr. Julious Lawson’s resignation, which he submitted to school board leadership on January 25, 2024. Dr. Lawson has been an invaluable leader for our District, and his departure is bittersweet.

We are sad to lose Dr. Lawson, but we are thankful for the great work he has done. He is leaving the District better than he found it.

In his own words, Dr. Lawson shared, “Serving this community has been an incredibly rewarding experience and a highlight of my career.” Unfortunately, unforeseen family matters necessitate his full attention and presence, compelling him to step away from his role as superintendent to reunite with his family.

Dr. Lawson assures us that he will diligently work during the transition period to ensure a smooth handover of responsibilities. His commitment to our District and the well-being of our students has been unwavering.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the families of the Ames Community School District for entrusting Dr. Lawson with the crucial responsibility of overseeing the education and development of your children. He acknowledges your involvement and support as instrumental in creating a vibrant and thriving educational community.

The board is moving swiftly to find a suitable replacement, and we will discuss the details of the search at the upcoming board meeting on February 5. Dr. Lawson’s final day with the Ames CSD will be June 30, 2024.

During this time of transition, we ask for your understanding, support, and patience. We are committed to maintaining the high standards of education and care that you have come to expect from the Ames CSD. Together, we will ensure the continued success of our District and the well-being of our students.

Thank you for your understanding and support.


Kelly Winfrey
Ames CSD Board President