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June 8, 2023

Ames High School Students Earn National Awards For Community Service Impact

Students from the Ames Chapter of the National Honor Society were recognized by the United Nations Association of the USA (UNA-USA) and InnerView in the sixth Annual Community Service Awards. This program, open to all U.S. students, has been designed to connect student community service activities, skill development, and commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to transform our world. The Kroger Co. is presenting the fourth annual Zero Hero Awards to students for taking action to help create communities free of hunger and waste.

“The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have been a directional beacon not only for UN member states, but also for their citizens, including, and perhaps especially—their young people.  As a movement that empowers and engages Americans to support the United Nations and the SDGs, UNA-USA is thrilled to partner with InnerView once again,” says Rachel Bowen Pittman, Executive Director of the United Nations Association of the USA.  “We are thrilled to be involved with a platform that not only helps to capture the impact that young people are having, but to recognize and to celebrate their achievements.  Kudos to all those who have committed to staying the course and doing their part to help actualize the SDGs!”

Of the NHS members, 20 students achieved this award. The events students volunteer for fall into many different categories that impact the community in various ways, but students from Ames High School delivered the most impact for Quality Education.

“What a fabulous group to lift up; these purposeful students are taking action to create a better tomorrow for their communities and the world,” says Kristine Sturgeon, CEO of InnerView Technologies. “High school students have a strong perspective on the most challenging issues and needs facing our communities. They have given us hope as we see a measured increase in breadth and depth of volunteerism by these local leaders and global citizens.”

A key artifact students gain through the Award Program is the development of a digital service resume for use in job and college applications to demonstrate personal commitment, 21st century skills, and key areas of interest. The three-tier award program recognizes a range of student achievement: Merit for 25 hours, Honor for 40 hours and Ambassador for 100 hours of service this school year and special recognition for a focus on Zero Hunger and Zero Waste.

Names of Awardees

Honor Awardees:

  • Ty Choate
  • Ally Donavon
  • Allie Enyart
  • John Higgins
  • Henry Kellen
  • Akshay Sarda

Merit Awardees:

  • Anthony Colburn
  • Emma Dacken
  • Cillian Grover
  • Adrian Guan
  • Adam Lee
  • Thomas Lehmkuhl,
  • Eliza Loecke
  • Grace McCunn
  • Yves Pierron
  • Grace Schmitt
  • Kathryn (Katie) Strotman
  • Cale Wineinger

Zero Hero Awardees:

  • Lucy Brekke
  • Anthony Colburn
  • Ally Donavon
  • Cillian Grover
  • Alexandra Kuhlman-Schneider
  • Grace McCunn