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Bob Lutter
December 8, 2022

Just Who Is Bob Lutter?

Whether it’s saying hello to everyone, winning a staff dance off, or hearing the moniker of “GOAT” (greatest of all time) echo from students’ lips, campus monitor Bob Lutter makes attending Ames Middle School enjoyable for everyone.

As a campus monitor, Lutter’s tasks include patrolling the halls, helping people get to class on time, looking for those that are skipping, and, in general, keeping things running smoothly as students make their way throughout the building. Even though his schedule is consistent Monday through Friday, he finds uniqueness in his day-to-day experience at AMS.

“It’s something different every day. I mean, yes it’s the same 8:20 to 3:45 but everybody’s moods are different from day to day,” said Lutter. “It’s not as repetitive as some might think. Dealing with the students and being their constant person that’s always here, if they need something they know they can come to me and talk about it.”

Lutter started at the middle school in December 2021 after spending 11 years at YSS as a supervisor for Rosedale’s emergency shelter and the addictions counselor at the youth recovery house. He was the Mandt System instructor for many years. Mandt is a behavioral crisis interaction training and according to Lutter, the main aspect was being respectful and treating everyone with dignity.

“I think that helps me adapt to everyone here, all 1100 of them that are in this building are different,” he said. “They’re not a number, they’re individuals. That’s my goal is everybody should feel respected and everybody should feel safe. That’s why I wanted to be here.”

The rapport he has with the students helps strengthen connections between staff and students.

“I’m just real, I don’t sugarcoat it. If they’re doing something wrong, I’m not going to go a roundabout way and say it,” Lutter said. “I feel like (students) respect me enough when something does happen that we can get it taken care of quickly instead of drawing it out.”

While Lutter gets to know students and connect with them, he found himself having to rely on them to win the staff dance off that was held the Friday of Homecoming week. Lutter and his fellow AMS staff members had a friendly competition of TikTok dances in the Gymnasium. The winner took home a professional wrestling type belt and bragging rights. Lutter attributes his win in the dance off to students. 

“I didn’t have TikTok. I didn’t know the dances until 9 am the Friday of the dance,” Lutter said. “I think I won because I had so many students helping me learn these dances. They cheered for me to win.”

Lutter will continue to say hello to every student he encounters and he truly has a passion for what he does and the connections he has built.

“I love my job, it’s something different every day,” he says with a smile. “I feel like I’m making an impact in people’s lives.”