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Dr Julious Lawson
December 16, 2022

Post 100 Day Plan Report from Superintendent Julious Lawson

In my first days as Superintendent of the Ames Community School District, I shared my 100-Day Entry Plan. The entry plan allowed me to listen and learn from all segments of the school community during my first months on the job. To lead for the success of every student within the Ames CSD, I enlisted the involvement of the entire school community—students, staff, families, caregivers, business leaders, and community partners. In addition, I offered multiple engagement opportunities to capture the voices of stakeholders to contribute to developing a shared vision for the District before moving into our strategic planning process. Thank you to everyone who contributed to my learning which made the work of this Post 100 Day Plan Report possible.

As Superintendent, my entry plan was developed to assess the current state of significant areas of Ames Community School District and chart the course for my transition into the role of Superintendent. It was the blueprint for learning more about the District by assessing our strengths, challenges, and opportunities for improvement and determining the best course of action for our students, community, and staff moving forward. The plan focused on five critical areas of work for engagement: Governance, Student Achievement, Community and Public Relations, Talent Management, and Management & Operations.