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Steve Flynn holding a basketball
October 25, 2022

Get to Know Steve Flynn

During National Principals Month, the Ames Community School District is featuring our amazing principals and associate principals. Today’s feature is on Steve Flynn, the principal at Meeker Elementary. Flynn has been with the Ames CSD for ​​15 years. He became a principal because of the positive teachers he had when he was in school. 

“I had teachers who were positive and encouraging and helped a lot of students,” Flynn said. “I wanted to help students the way they did. Working with kids is fun and different every day, and it is rewarding.”

Flynn went to Central College in Pella for his undergraduate degree in elementary education, he attended the University of Iowa for a graduate degree in administration, and he received his specialist in education (leadership) at Drake University. Flynn is inspired by the teachers at Meeker Elementary.

“We ask teachers to do so many things, to meet so many needs, and it is incredible what they are able to do,” he said. “I can’t imagine having a more difficult job than being an elementary school teacher.”

Flynn’s favorite way to connect with students is through both humor and joining them in their activities.

“I think kids are hilarious, and I enjoy joking around with them about anything and everything. Someone should write a book about the things kids say and do within our school days; it would be quite entertaining,” Flynn said. “I also like to play sports with kids when I can. I sometimes play catch or shoot baskets with students in the gym, and I think the break is usually good for both of us.”

On a similar note, when Flynn was the age of the students in his building he could also be found doing physical activities. He grew up playing sports outside with his brothers and neighbors. 

“Whatever sports season was in session – football, basketball, or baseball – we were outside playing that sport,” he said. “If we couldn’t round up enough players for a game, then I was probably playing catch with one of my brothers.”

His favorite school lunch when he was in school was pizza day and he also liked the cinnamon rolls. Flynn would rather watch a movie than read a book, and if he has an hour of free time, he would like to play or watch sports. What excites Flynn currently is the growth of his family. One of his sons has a new daughter, another just got married, and another will be a father to twins this spring.

“I am excited about the stage of life that I am in,” he said. “My four sons are all grown up, and it’s fun to see how their lives are playing out. It will be cool to see the Flynn family continue to grow in size and in love.”

Flynn’s advice to students and parents is to celebrate the positives.

“We are responsible for teaching students a lot of things before they leave elementary school, and sometimes we all focus too much on the skills they don’t have yet,” he said. “We spend a lot of time talking about and addressing lagging skills, but I’m not sure we spend enough time celebrating their strengths and successes. Everyone is good at some things and not as good at other things.”

Thank You, Principal Flynn!