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October 18, 2022

Get to Know Michelle Fuqua

The Ames Community School District is highlighting our amazing Principals and Associate Principals during National Principals Month. It’s time to learn about Michelle Fuqua, the 7th Grade Associate Principal at Ames Middle School, who has been with the Ames CSD for 19 years. She became a principal because she wants to help students reach their full potential. 

“I wanted to go into administration to support more students to reach their full potential,” she said. “I want to be part of an educational system that creates equitable outcomes for all students.”

Fuqua has a BS in psychology and an MA in Special Education from the University of Iowa, plus an MA in Educational Leadership from Iowa State University. She is excited about the current Math curriculum review, as well as implementing the Social Emotional Learning curriculum. Fuqua is inspired by, in her words, students that are challenging.

“It makes me want to learn more in order to meet their needs, which makes me a better educator,” she adds.

Her favorite way to connect with students is to ask them questions.

“Ask them questions about their interests, notice improvements they have made, and encourage them to strive for continual improvement,” said Fuqua.

Her favorite school lunch is nachos and would rather read a book than watch a movie. If she has an hour of free time, she likes to read, do yoga, or get outside. Something students might not know about her is that she plays disc golf almost every weekend. Her favorite activity when she was in middle school was talking to her friends on the phone, which was attached to the wall in the kitchen by a cord. Fuqua’s advice for students and families is to not give up.

“Set lofty goals, give it your all, don’t give up, and we are here to support you.” she said. “To do this it will be important to celebrate your failures as much as your successes, failure is how we learn.”

Thank you, Associate Principal Fuqua!