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October 27, 2022

Get to Know Mary Morton

The Ames Community School District is featuring our amazing Principals and Associate Principals during National Principals Month. The spotlight of this feature is about Mary Morton, the Principal at Northwood Preschool. She has been with the Ames CSD for 24 years when she landed her first teaching job within the district.

Mary attended Iowa State University for both her undergraduate and graduate degrees. When asked who or what inspires her, Morton said the teachers inspire her.

“The amount of work we ask teachers to do every day for students is breathtaking,” Morton said. “Every day teachers are superheroes to our students, families, and each other.”

If she had an hour of free time she would prefer to be outside. Morton enjoys hiking, reading, swimming, and boating. Her family has a cabin in northern Minnesota which she says is her favorite place on Earth! Additionally, her favorite activity when she was the age of the students at Northwood also involves tangible memories to the land of 10,000 lakes.

“I probably loved sledding with my brother when I was 3, 4 and 5 years old,” she said. “We lived in Minnesota and there was always a LOT of snow! We had a great hill just off the side of our house that was perfect for sledding and he never got cold. I did!”

Despite lunch not being served at Northwood, they do have a snack session which is served family style so students can try out new foods like hummus with flatbread. Morton’s favorite is the salsa and tortilla chips. Her favorite way to connect with students is to join them in their learning environment at Northwood.

“Sitting on the floor to learn alongside students is my favorite way to connect with them,” Morton said. “Their curiosity, love of learning, and joy for all things is so pure and inspiring. Everything is amazing when you work with preschoolers!”

Thank you, Principal Morton!