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August 2, 2022

100-Day Plan from Superintendent Dr. Julious Lawson

I am truly honored for the opportunity to serve as your Ames Community School District Superintendent and to further the goals of the school community and Board of Directors. This is our time to learn, grow and move forward, together. I am humbled by the Board’s belief in my ability to lead and make Ames Community School District one of the nation’s premier school districts. I am appreciative of the community’s support, and am excited about our work together.

As we look ahead to the 2022-2023 school year, it is my goal to ensure that we continue to build on the great work of the district while cultivating new opportunities to improve student achievement and opportunities for every student. A necessary process in beginning this work is the establishment of a 100-Day Entry Plan. During my first 100 days, the District will undergo a comprehensive review of programs, systems, initiatives, services, student performance, and fiscal conditions to assess our strengths, challenges, and opportunities for improvement. Additionally, we will continue to strengthen our partnerships with the greater Ames community, business partners and other academic institutions while remaining focused on teaching and learning in our classrooms. While daily operations will require that I make decisions in support of organizational effectiveness, the information obtained during the entry planning process will ensure that future decisions are supported by a data-driven process. 

The entry plan will provide me the opportunity to LISTEN and LEARN from our staff, students and school community during my first months on the job. In an effort to LEAD for the success of every student within the Ames Community School District, we will enlist the involvement of the entire school community—students, staff, families, caregivers, business leaders and community partners. We will offer multiple engagement opportunities and capture the voices of stakeholders as we develop a shared vision for the district prior to moving into our strategic planning process. The plan will focus on five critical areas of work in which I will engage: Governance, Student Achievement, Community and Public Relations, Talent Management and Management & Operations.  

Once we complete the first 100 days, this team will be better positioned to set a vision for the coming years. My listening and learning tour will help us make immediate improvements and determine the best course of action for our students, community and staff. It is my expectation that every student in every school thrives. 

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to serve the students of Ames Community School District. Together, we will ensure that our schools are safe, nurturing and inspiring places for every student. I hope to earn your trust and support as we pursue our mission to provide equitable access to learning that empowers every student to reach their full personal and educational potential. I look forward to working alongside you! 

For children,

Dr. Julious T. Lawson