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students working on a project in the classroom
March 31, 2022

Money Unit at Edwards Elementary

Edwards Elementary 2nd graders celebrated the end of their “Money Unit” by being able to apply some of the skills they learned. The four 2nd grade classrooms of Laura Clausen, Kelly Hansen, Terri Boeding-Lincoln and Jody Lickhart, were set up as a stores (toy, candy, book, and restaurant) that students rotated through and were able to spend their plastic money. 

“The purpose of the learning is the application of skills of counting mixed change from our money unit! We really wanted to teach them the real-life skill of using money, counting out what they would need, how it works when they go into a store, and what it might look in real life,” said Laura Clausen. “We wanted them to experience also, the ability to feel the excitement of being able to take things home with them that they ‘bought” as well!”