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March 15, 2022

AHS Solo Ensemble Contest 2022

The Ames High School Band, Orchestra and Vocal Departments participated in the Ames Solo Ensemble Contest on Saturday, March 5 at Ames High School. A special commendation to each student who prepared music for the contest and who improved their own personal performance skills. The following students/groups received Division I (Superior), Division II (Excellent), and Division III (Good) ratings. No Division IV or V ratings were earned.

Division I (Superior) Ratings 

  • Bb Clarinet Solo: Steven Huang, Josie Mowrer, Jerry Han, Jacob Xing, Karina Scott, Hannah Song, Kai Johnson, Carissa Andorf
  • Alto Sax Solo: Nathan Poag, Max Kovalenko, Bowen Flemming, Brandon Vorst, Hailey Sibbel
  • Horn Solo: Kailyn Thompson, Anleah Walker
  • Trombone Solo: Elias Thompson
  • Bass Trombone Solo: Alex Buttermore
  • Euphonium Solo: Daniel Brumm
  • Marimba Solo: Sawyer Chopskie, Lucy Read, Helen Mao
  • Xylophone Solo: Zeke DeBoest
  • Snare Solo: Ava Chopskie
  • Tenor Solo: Eliza Loecke
  • Vocal Solo: Mizzan Dollisso, Julia Divine, Preksha Sarda, Abigail Thompson
  • Flute Duet: Jenny Park / Kritika Sharma
  • Clarinet Quintet: Jerry Han, Jacob Xing, Carissa Andorf, Kai Johnson, Hannah Song
  • Saxophone Quartet: Bowen Flemming, Nathan Poag, David Kaminski, Elio Vatori
  • Mixed Instrument Ensemble: Will Geisler, Max Kovalenko, Zeke DeBoest, Daniel Brumm
  • Clarinet Choir: Carissa Andorf, Bryanna Bryne, Jerry Han, Steven Huang, Kai Johnson, Josie Mowrer,  Hannah Song, Jacob Xing
  • Vocal Duet: Julia Divine / Olivia Reed
  • Violin Quartet – Mengze Li, Addy O’Neal, Jiwen Li, Sarah Park
  • String Trio – Bianca Garciano, Harrison Orngard, Grace Wu
  • Violin Quartet – Bianca Garciano, Shreya Srinath, Nadia Kobayashi, Amaya Dassanayake
  • Bass Solo – Miles Peterson

Division II (Excellent) Ratings

  • Flute Solo: Sophia Cordoba, Lauren Risdal
  • Clarinet Solo: Bryanna Byrne, Abby Thompson
  • Alto Sax Solo: James Xing, Elio Vatori
  • Trombone Solo: Will Williams
  • Tuba Solo: Hannah Sulc
  • Marimba Duet: Olli Guernsey / Helen Mao
  • Vocal Solo: Jada Britten, Clara Fields, Jason Vernon, Andrew Besch, Natalie Long, Zoe Farrar, Nyadio Chan, Wenjun Liu
  • Vocal Duet: Madie Fischer / Adde Stegemöller, Madie Fischer / Adde Stegemöller
  • Chorale Tenor Bass Ensemble
  • String Duet: Payton Stewart & Lindy Green

Division III (Good) Ratings

  • Vocal Solo: Caleb Helgerson

Comments Only

  • Vocal Duet: Torin Chinery / Annika Kent