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Winter Clothes Drive 2021-2022
October 10, 2021

Winter Clothes Drive 2021-2022

Winter Clothes Drive 2021-2022

As the winter season approaches, the Ames Community School District wants to ensure that every child is WARM! We would like to give our families the opportunity to GIVE and RECEIVE during this time.

TO GIVE: Please consider donating gently used or new winter gear such as coats, hats, waterproof gloves, snow pants, and boots (all sizes welcome-please place in a tied grocery bag to keep boots together). Please wash/dry donations prior to dropping them off. 

Donations will be accepted October 19 – November 1 at Harvest Vineyard Church (320 S. 17th St, Ames), AMS, Edwards, Fellows, Meeker, Mitchell, and District Office. 

TO RECEIVE: There are two ways that winter items can be requested. The first is by completing an online form. The second is by printing off this Google Doc and returning it to your student’s school.  

Please fill out the information by October 29, 2021. If you need more than one item, please put an asterisk next to the highest priority. Our goal is for items to be distributed by December 1. If you have an urgent need prior to December 1, please contact your school’s Student and Family Advocate:

TO RECEIVE: Please fill out the information below and return it to your school by October 29, 2021. If you need more than one item, please indicate the most needed item. You will be notified by email with a timeframe to pick up your requested items on November 8, 2021, at Edwards Elementary School. If you have any questions please contact your school’s point of contact: