January 8, 2021

New Delivery Model Change Request Date

Happy New Year and welcome back to school. We hope Winter Break was wonderful for everyone reading this. The information in this email will consist of some reminders so that it is at the top of your inbox, as well as some new information. 

Delivery Model Change Request

Our ACSD Learning Delivery Model Change Request form for the start of the second semester is currently open. 

Building-Based On-Site Instruction:

The key dates below are for families who are currently in Remote Campus but wish to return to the building-based on-site instruction, which includes either Hybrid or 100% in-person depending on what delivery model is being used at the different buildings. The form continues to be active for families who would like to transition to the 100% online Remote Campus model.  

Key Dates:

January 17, 2021 – Deadline for Remote Campus students PK-12 to request building-based on-site instruction. The transition date will be February 1, 2021, which is the start of the second semester.

April 4, 2021 (new date) – Once the January 17 date passes, the next opportunity for Remote Campus students PK-12 to request building-based on-site instruction is April 4, 2021. The transition date will be Friday, April 9, 2021, which is the start of the fourth quarter.

Remote Campus – Families will continue to have the option to move to the 100% online Remote Campus option throughout the semester, but the ability to return to building-based instruction will be contingent upon the dates outlined above. In other words, students can move from building-based instruction to Remote Campus at any point but are limited to when they can return to building-based instruction. 


Change in Delivery Model for Secondary Schools

Currently, our preschool and elementary schools are in the 100% face-to-face delivery model and we communicated the potential that Ames Middle School and Ames High School could begin 100% face-to-face as early as the start of the second semester. 

That decision has not happened yet for secondary. Should conditions allow for Superintendent Risner to make that recommendation to the school board, we are looking at a potential Special School Board Meeting next Wednesday, January 13.  


COVID-19 Dashboard

We are actively monitoring local conditions in our buildings and community and updating our District COVID-19 Dashboard Monday through Friday. The dashboard can be accessed on our website. 



School Board Meeting (Monday, January 11)

The school board will hold a work session followed by their regularly scheduled board meeting on Monday, January 11, with the work session starting at 5:30 p.m. The agenda for the work session can be found here and the regular meeting here. This board meeting will be held via Zoom at the URL below. 



Amazing Education Podcast

A new episode of the Amazing Education Podcast is currently available on iTunes and on our YouTube channel. On Episode #014, we were joined by Emergency Management Coordinator of Ames Public Schools, Dr. Kathi Arnold.