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Masked Hero: Tabitha Wu
December 4, 2020

Masked Hero: Tabitha Wu

Masked Hero: Tabitha Wu

Superpower: Stay calm and kind for my students in situations of stress

“I believe that EVERY child deserves the best we can give them. As they come through the doors or log on each day, students need to feel like they are our #1 priority.” There is no doubt that Tabitha Wu loves students and is passionate about teaching in the Ames Community School District. As a second-generation Ames High graduate, Wu is in her fourth year in the District and 7th overall teaching. 

When schools closed in the spring, Wu quickly realized that being able to interact with her students is what motivates her on a daily basis, often serving as a bucket-filler in ways when the work gets challenging. “I have really learned how much I rely on student relationships and interactions in my work.” With school back in session both in-person and remotely, Wu can now focus on each student to find the best ways to support them. 

During this challenging year, she has remained positive and focused her energy on getting to know each student. During the Hybrid delivery model, Wu has been able to give more 1-on-1 attention to each of her students when they are at school than has previously been possible. “This opportunity has allowed me to see how much these students need responsive and personalized instruction and interactions and how they thrive when they are given these things.” 

Wu loves watching students enter the building each day ready for a new challenge. “The students have really risen to the occasion and have blown me away with their ability to be flexible during this unpredictable time. They have had a positive attitude and it spreads to everyone around them, including myself.” But we know that the year has challenges for students, which is when Wu kicks in her superpower of being able to stay calm and kind for her students in situations of stress. “Students, especially right now, need the consistency and routines from their educators.  I do my very best each day to provide them with patience and understanding that they need to be successful.”