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Ames Middle School Heart Association
November 9, 2020

Ames Middle School a Top 10 Fundraising American Heart Challenge School

Ames Middle School Heart Association

Last spring, the Ames Middle School participated in the American Heart Challenge. This annual fundraising event begins in February, American Heart Month. The Challenge focuses on preparing middle school and high school students for success by strengthening their physical and emotional well-being, while fostering their social responsibility. After a kick-off event, students collect donations for the American Heart Association (AHA), which includes an online program that allows participants to quickly and easily reach out to those interested in donating. According to the AHA, money raised funds life-saving research and community programs in the fight against heart disease. 

“With the help of the physical education department and support from administrators,” said Dana Goodwin, teacher at AMS, “we were able to raise a tremendous amount of money for the American Heart Association.” 

AMS received two awards for their hard work. The first was a Top 10 Fundraising American Heart Challenge School. Finishing 6th, AMS students helped collectively raise $200,000 for the American Heart Association. The second award received was the Top American Heart Challenge Online Fundraising School. Even with the school closure in March, students and staff went above and beyond resulting in one of the best years yet, raising over $13,000 in online donations. Goodwin attended The Virtual Kids Heart Challenge and American Heart Challenge Awards Ceremony in August with schools from more than 39 states. Congratulations to Ames Middle School!