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LC203 Graphic
October 28, 2020

LC2: Little Cyclone Limited Collection

LC203 Graphic

We are excited to announce that the next design in our LC2: Little Cyclone Limited Collection is available on our online apparel store. The LC2 collection is a partnership with Sigler where this specific design is a buy one, give one opportunity for our community. For every LC203 piece that is purchased online, Sigler will print and donate another t-shirt that will be given to a student in the District. Between the previous two campaigns, LC201 and LC202, we were able to give over 130 Ames branded shirts to students. 

When we launched the online apparel store in September 2019, two of our goals was to be able to provide a convenient outlet to purchase Little Cyclone apparel and to build excitement around the school district’s brand. LC2: Little Cyclones Limited Collection is the next step of that commitment. 

LC2 is a limited edition collection that offers a new design twice a year; once in the fall and once in the spring. Once the offer expires, it will be archived on our online apparel store’s website, unable to be purchased again. So don’t miss this opportunity to get the LC203 design and provide an opportunity for students to get Ames branded apparel. The LC203 design will be available through November 11.