July 21, 2020

Clarification on Aspects of RTL

We have received a lot of great questions and want to provide clarity on a few key aspects of Return to Learn options since the Governor’s proclamation and Department of Education guidance. 

What is the timeline for decision-making?

Currently, the timeline for choosing the start of school delivery model remains at August 10. It was discussed at the July 20 school board meeting about possibly moving that date up, as well as other timeline events such as the building-specific meetings that were scheduled for August 11-13, to help families plan for the start of school. Any changes would be communicated and also posted on our website. 



What options does the Ames CSD have for Return to Learn in light of the Governor’s proclamation?

When a recommendation is presented to the school board, whether on August 10 or a newly determined date, the Ames CSD now has two options: On-Site Delivery for all students or Hybrid 1 which is half on-site and half online learning structured in A/B days. 

The proclamation and guidance from the Department of Education have taken away the school district’s ability to choose the Remote Continuous Learning online option for all students. 


Can parents still choose the 100% online option?

Yes. Regardless of the delivery option that is voted upon by the Ames school board, parents will have the opportunity to choose the 100% online option for their students. 


I completed the parent survey, but I want to change my answers.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our parent survey. The intention of the survey was to provide the District with broad data to help inform our decision-making. We understand that the governor’s proclamation may impact some of your answers. For parents who are interested in the 100% online option, you are not bound by your survey answers. An official form will be sent out at a later date and a requested deadline for decision-making will be updated in any revised timeline. 


How can I sign my student up for the 100% online option?

We have not yet sent out the forms to parents to make that request. We are determining the best format for that delivery.