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All State Music
October 28, 2019

All-State Music 2019

All State Music

Congratulations to the 28 Ames High musicians who were selected to participate in the 2019 Iowa All-State Music Festival. District Auditions for the 279-piece all-state band, 227-piece all-state orchestra, and 601-member all-state chorus were held on Saturday, October 26, 2019. Approximately 17% of the students who audition are selected for membership in the All-State ensembles. The 2019 Festival will celebrate the 73rd anniversary of this prestigious event and will take place on Saturday, November 23 at 7:30 p.m. at Hilton Coliseum. 

Band All-State Accepted:

Sarah Song, Clarinet (orchestra)

Kayley Helmer, 1st Clarinet

Sofyia Palasyuk, 1st Clarinet

Jerry Han, 2nd Clarinet

Kai Johnson, 3rd Clarinet

Carl Balvanz, Bass Clarinet

Lillie Kennedy, Bassoon (orchestra)

Madelyn Timmermans, 2nd Trumpet

Avery Suza, Trumpet 1st /2nd – (orchestra)

Kailyn Thompson, 1st Horn

Isabelle Anderson, 3rd Horn

Ling Bai, 4th Horn

Anna Cullinan, 5th Horn (orchestra)

Mario Napolitano, Trombone

Nitzan Friedberg, Tuba

Ava Chopskie, Percussion

Erik Paskach, Percussion (orchestra)


Orchestra All-State Accepted & Alternates:

Angelina Chen – Violin I

Amy Guan – Violin I

Daniel Lee – Violin I

David Lee – Violin II

Carter Peterson – Cello

Arianna Williams-Suarez– Cello


Madison Vandewater – Alternate Viola 2

Ellie Barry – Alternate Cello 1

Aileen Laubach – Alternate Cello 2


Choir All-State Accepted

Zoe Mamakos – Soprano

Cassidy Peterson – Alto

Adam Wolf – Tenor

Jackson Bryant – Bass

Ana Yam – Piano