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10 Elementary Reading
October 11, 2019

Elementary Reading: FUNdations and Reading Units of Study

10 Elementary Reading

After an extensive review process including feedback and input from staff, students, and community members, Ames CSD purchased the research-based Reading Units of Study for all EK-5th grade classrooms. Reading Units of Study utilizes a reading workshop model where students spend significant time reading books of their choice and writing about those books. Students also learn with teachers in one on one conferences as well as in small group instructional teams. Finally, collaborative and sharing opportunities are built into the reading workshop.  

Reading Units of Study and Wilson FUNdations make up the core curricular instructional materials for reading that are utilized in each classroom in elementary buildings. FUNdations, in Kindergarten through 3rd grade, provides structured literacy instruction where students learn how to read and spell words as well as unlock the alphabetic code and spelling patterns. FUNdations teaches students how to make sense of the complex English language and these skills and strategies are used within the reading workshop model that Reading Units of Study guides students and teachers through to ensure students become masterful readers and writers.  

Teachers and students are working hard to get reading workshop up and running in their classrooms. As you and your child talk about their day at school, ask about reading workshop.  

How do they select books to read?  

What have they shared with their classmates and teacher about reading? 

What book(s) are they reading at school?

What do they love about reading? What is the most challenging part of reading?