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Amazing Education Podcast Graphic
September 19, 2019

Amazing Education Podcast

Amazing Education Podcast Graphic

The Amazing Education Podcast is a new communication channel from the Ames CSD that focuses on education-related topics with a blend of local and national conversations. Each episode of the Amazing Education Podcast will be 25-30 minutes and feature a guest on a specified topic. 

Over the past several years, podcasting has experienced incredible growth, primarily in the millennial (18 to 34-year-old) demographic. For many, podcasts have become part of a multi-tasking lifestyle with episodes playing in the morning, in the car, or while working out. One of the great things about podcasts is that listeners already care about the industry they subscribe to, making this medium a truly great way to connect with current and prospective teachers as well as our community, all while being able to reach a larger audience. 

An added benefit to podcasts is that they are on-demand, meaning listeners can engage with the topic at a time that best suits them. This conversational communication channel is unlike any other platform that is currently utilized by the District.

One unique aspect of this project is that we are also videotaping these episodes. In addition to being available through podcasting apps, they will also be available on the District’s YouTube Channel. This will allow viewers to see the personal side of the guests and see their passion for education. 

We always strive to deliver content that is at the intersection of entertaining and educational. With three episodes already available, we hope that you take the time to subscribe. If you like what you heard, please share it with family and friends.

The Amazing Education Podcast is currently available on iTunes, Google Play, Podbean, and on the District’s YouTube Channel.