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Ames High Construction and Safety Update
August 15, 2019

Ames High Construction Update and Safety (August 2019)

Ames High Construction and Safety Update

Construction Safety

As the school year rapidly approaches, we want to remind everyone that we are entering this school year with different conditions than in past years with an active construction site on school grounds and in close proximity to the current high school. Ames High is always active with students, parents, and the community attending numerous events throughout the week. Safety is a primary focus of ours and we want to remind everyone to be cautious around the adjacent construction site. Here are a few key reminders:

  1. Be aware of increased traffic along Ridgewood Avenue associated with construction activities including cross traffic at the two construction entrances.
  2. Obey all construction warning signs, including pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicle.  There will be time periods where detours will be necessary to perform the required work.
  3. Respect the limits of construction – no students, faculty, athletes, parents, and visitors should enter the construction site without authorization from Story Construction and the Ames Community School District. Anyone authorized to be in the construction site will be escorted by Story Construction.

We will continue to work to minimize any disruption to school activities and to communicate any known issues ahead of time to keep the parents and the community informed. 

Construction Update

Since breaking ground on June 3, the construction of Ames High has been steadily moving forward. Story Construction immediately installed their trailer and fencing for the project in preparation for site demolition. With the new tennis court complex being completed on 24th Street next to the District Office and baseball/softball fields last spring, the courts at Ames High were the first things to go. 

Interest in this project has been high since the bond referendum was approved in April 2018. In June, the District installed live cameras of the construction project, allowing for a birds-eye view of the project throughout construction.

In July, site grading and excavation of the building’s basement were the two main activities. The construction project is currently in Phase 1 that will take place from June 2019 to June 2020 and will focus on the south side of Ames High Drive. In addition to the excavation of the basement, water was piped onto the location across Ridgewood Avenue and the drilling for geothermal wells began in late July. 

The new Ames High School is set to open in August 2022 with the entire project being completed in September 2023.