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Passion Club
June 4, 2019

Passion Clubs at Fellows Elementary

Passion Club

Care. Learn. Lead. At Fellows Elementary, this theme can be seen in the classroom, at assemblies, and in unique initiatives like passion clubs. New to this school year, third to fifth-grade students selected an interest-oriented club that was sponsored by teachers to be a part of. Fellows Principal Brandon Schrauth said, “This year we have been focusing on increasing a sense of belonging amongst our students. Passion clubs were one action we identified to increase belonging and support students in identifying their greatness.”

Last year, Fellows staff crafted a vision statement that identified the school they want to become. Passion clubs are one of the many ways that they are working to create a caring community of active learners and empowered leaders. Clubs included sewing, board games, gardening, yoga, crochet, ukuleles, cooking, and more.

Passion clubs took place once a month on Care. Learn. Lead. days that also included a school celebration that recognized student talents and accomplishments. Teachers organized clubs based on their interests and students choose which one to be part of based on their interests. The activities blend grades as well as teacher and student relationships. “Students are extremely excited by this opportunity and look forward to participating each month. It has been an opportunity to strengthen our learning community as our staff share a personal passion with our students. It is a true “win-win!” Next year, Fellows is looking to explore ways to engage all students through this activity.