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Establishing Board Priorities
November 7, 2018

Establishing Board Priorities

Establishing Board Priorities

Work session: September 26, 2018

On September 26, District administrators partnered with the board of directors during a work session to establish board priorities. Superintendent Risner said, “One of my first goals in joining the Ames Community School District was to bring our leaders together and identify what our purpose truly is. In other words, what is the reason we do what we do. During our toughest times, our purpose should be our foundation or anchor. My second important task was to establish clear priorities to guide our work, decision making, and allocation of resources.”

After many conversations, planning, and research, our administrators and board of directors took an important step and joined together to define our purpose and district priorities which you will see below. The opportunity provided the two groups to share and align visions from a philosophical and practical standpoint. The groups worked in breakout sessions to develop goals around five priorities sections. What they created was a living document that will evolve over time and become embedded in operational and educational practices.

As a living document, Superintendent Risner also noted that the wok is not done. “These priorities and goals will guide our building leaders to establish building plans that are aligned. It’s an exciting time to be a part Ames Community School District.” Overall, the entire evening was full of great conversation centered around the future of the Ames Community School District and the students and staff in our classrooms.

PurposeAmes Community School District Commits to Equity and Access that Empowers Every Individual to Reach their Full Personal and Educational Potential

Board Goals:

  • Educational Equity and Improvement
  • Transparent Financial Planning and Processes
  • Recruitment, Retention, and Development of a High-Quality Staff
  • Clear and Consistent Communication to Support Positive and Proactive Community Relationships
  • A Safe and Responsive System that Promotes the Mental Health and Well-Being of Every Individual