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Meeker Affirmation Stones
September 25, 2018

Affirmation Stones at Meeker Elementary

Meeker Affirmation Stones

Students and families at Meeker Elementary recently had an opportunity to write empowering words on pre-painted rocks during their open house event. In total, about 150 affirmation stones were created that students could either take home as a personal reminder, or hide them around Ames.

“I was looking to increase interaction with students and their families during Open House — meet more parents, introduce myself and put faces to names, initiate positive relationships,” said Meeker Elementary School Counselor Kari Deal. Anyone who found a stone around Ames was encouraged to post a photo to Meeker’s Facebook page. Deal felt like this activity would also encourage interaction on our social media space.

The message was simple from the school: You are worthy! Remind yourself of that daily! Spread kindness to others (leaving affirmation rocks as a surprise for an unknown person to find).

The response to the activity was outstanding according to Deal. “Many students came over and grabbed supplies right away and wanted their parents to let them stop at our tables in the cafeteria.” One student came near the end of Open House due to an after school activity and was teary-eyed because the supplies had been put away. Of course, they got out a few supplies and she eagerly made three affirmation rocks. “I would say the interest was high! Even siblings and parents joined in the creation of affirmation rocks. One parent said that every morning when she gets to work she sees an affirmation rock outside her office. It makes her smile!”

Additional recognitions to the project include Lee Chhen Stewart, a long-term sub for Meeker 4th/5th grade counselor, and to art teacher Michelle Mathias.